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Biorepositories and Biobanking

Download: Storage Density and the Total Cost of Ownership

Biorepositories established to store large volumes of critical biological specimens at ultra-low temperatures present special challenges to facility managers who must balance economics with sample safety. PHCbi brand freezers help solve large-volume storage needs through product selection, cooling system redundancies and ENERGY STAR Certified cabinets.

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Total Cost of Ownership Feature Note

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Blog: Challenges in High Volume, Ultra-Low Temperature Storage

Biorepositories are entrusted with securing the life’s work of researchers throughout the world. Large volume specimen storage in shared spaces means large responsibilities among those who manage biobank facilities. From system reliability, temperature stability and uniformity, back-up power and cooling infrastructure, validation, data capture and security, Joe LaPorte discusses how PHC Corporation of North America serves the unique needs of large volume ultra-low temperature freezer customers. Read More

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